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Interior and Exterior Restoration Projects

Because of the nature of the climate here in Florida, we often encounter rotted wood, insect damage or other damage on a project. Rather than simply replacing it, which may not be practical, we are often able to simply excise the effected area and then fill it using structural adhesive putty and/or a wood replacement compound. Not only is this less expensive in time and materials, but it helps keep the project on time and schedule. We use these products extensively where rot or other severe damage has compromised the following items:

  • Windows and Frames
  • Columns and Column Bases
  • Door Frames
  • Structural Components
  • Decorative Wood Elements

window and frame restoration, restore damaged wood, column restorationBecause these elements often cannot be easily or inexpensively replaced, due to size, shape or availability, this is often the best means of restoring the area to its original, or better, condition. The rejuvenated wood is not only indistinguishable from the original, but it is also considerably stronger and, once it is primed and painted, completely protected from moisture for decades to come. However, should the damage be so extensive that it must be replaced, we have the carpentry expertise to restore it to the original condition, or better.

In addition, we fill all cracks, both interior and exterior, too, repel insects and reinforce and waterproof affected areas. We fill and caulk all crevices and water entry cracks with a 45-year siliconized caulk to ensure that the restored area will last.

Property protection and a professional, polite manner are our hallmarks. Our staff is neatly attired, courteous, and works quickly and quietly. Smoking is obviously never allowed in the home or business and work is closely supervised by the owner himself to ensure the quality and result you expect from a New England craftsman.

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